Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is a racing game play it on Abcdya unblocked games. This is a highway or lane racing game; split lanes to avoid traffic jams and get more points. Navigate a straight roadway between automobiles and trucks. Racing game (Traffic Tour) is a new unlimited arcade racing game that brings you to a new level of smooth driving simulations and excellent graphics quality. Designed for traffic racer aficionados, this racing game's sophisticated features make it one of the most popular free car games.

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Key Features:

- Play unlimited car racing games

- No fuel or time limits

- You can use tilt, buttons, or the steering wheel to control it.

- There are five ways to play: multiplayer, endless, career, time trial, and free run.

- The career mode has 100 missions

- 5 real-world settings: highway, city, desert, rain, snow, and day or night

- There are 40 different cars, and you can change their colors and wheels.

- Improve the speed, handling, and brakes of your car. - You can race against your friends and people from all over the world.

Instruction to play:

W = forward, D = Right, L = Left, S = Brake, Shift = Nitrous, ESC = Back.

In endless mode, you can get new cars by collecting more Blueprints. - If you're going over 100 km/h, try to pass cars in traffic to get extra points and cash. Get extra money when the game isn't over Driving in the opposite direction in a two-way street gets you more points and money.