Stacktris 2048

Compete with everyone and get as many points as possible! If you like 2048 puzzles and Tetris, Stacktris 2048 will not leave you cold and will not allow you to get bored! This is an addictive matching and merging cube game for individuals who like number-based logic games. If you can reach the number 2048, believe. The iconic problem, but from a new perspective! Now includes Tetris Fusion and in 3D! Now the cubes are not only aligned on the plane, but also vertically!

You will fail soon if you attempt to construct this Tetris without any consideration. Develop a successful plan and score the most points possible. Share a game with other players. In addition, you can also participate in some similar games such as Mahjong Dogs.

Key Features:

- Fun number game that helps your mind.

- A strange combination of the games 2048 and Tetris.

- By combining dice, you can make new dice with bigger numbers.

- In the logic and merge game, there is no time limit.

- Controlling the dice is easy and smooth.

Instruction to play:

Swipe left / right - turn the platform with cubes; Touch - Drop the cube down.