Siege Battleplan

Have a great game in online games Abcdya! The strategy game Siege Battle Plan rewards a rapid mind and nimble fingertips. With its design, gameplay, and interactivity, Siege Battle Plan will keep you engaged for hours. You'll need both excellent strategy and quick reflexes to keep up with the challenge that has been presented to you. In love and war, everything is permitted, so to humiliate your opponent, employ a sound strategy and impeccable timing.

Fight enemy soldiers to keep them from coming near your towers and win the game. Strategy? In war, you have to plan a few steps ahead. Don't leave anyone in the gray, capture every tower so you can attack from different directions, and think of more ways to play. Hold on to your armor and be patient as you gather as many soldiers as you can to get ready for a big battle. Many other exciting games are waiting for you to answer similar to this game such as Super Metal Wars. Start your new journey with your favorite game list you already get.

Instruction to play:

Click and drag Make them all feel blue as you keep your soldiers rushing and roaring through enemy towers.