Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

Play Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic game in your web browser for free at Abcdya unblocked games and more fun games. Gather the finest heroes in the realm to repel the Dark Lord's army of orcs, goblins, warlocks, and other evil spirits.

- Choose your favorite hero!

- Investigate and enhance items such as knives, swords, and bow and arrow.

- Engage the army of zombies, rogues, orcs, pirates, and assassins with your band of heroes.

- Protect your settlement from other players.

- Construct and defend a castle in your community.

- Select a target and assault another player's fortress.

- Become a champion by pitting your hero band against the teams of other players in the player versus player (pvp) arena!

- The tale of the great conflict consists of three episodes. Each episode has several intriguing plot twists.

- Acquire prizes and press tap tap to level up your knight, assassin, or other hero. They are no longer idle heroes; they are arena legends!

Don't forget to tell your friends about this great thing and invite them to play with you so you can become the best player ever. If you love these types of destruction games you can play some more games like Tank Wars at I Hope you always win!

Instruction to play:

The goal of the game is to put together the best team of heroes so you can finish the storyline raid and win the tournament. Get 5 of the hero's cards to hire him. In the raid, you can attack a group of enemies by clicking on them or on the FIGHT button. Set up your heroes in the order you want on the battlefield and click the FIGHT button. If you need to, you can also set how fast each hero moves. Click on the hero and move the slider to do this.