Push Balls

Play Push Balls is a fun, entertaining game on ABCDya games. In this game, there are two balls of various colors that move horizontally in the top half of the game screen, and the same in the bottom portion of the screen. A vertically moving ball is sandwiched between them. The goal of the game is to control the balls in the top and bottom sections while touching only balls of the same color. Because the centre ball changes color, the horizontally positioned balls must be adjusted. The ball's speed will increase as you play the game.

Such a unique-themed game with a high-quality design for an endless journey will be a perfect option to let you relax after your day. Find yourself emerging in other new worlds, new characters, and brilliant adventures like Collect Balls In A Cup!

KEY FEATURES: If you need to modify the balls to match the vertical ball, tap on the screen at the proper moment.

Instruction to play:

Tap on screen to play this game.