Time works for only one of us! You must manipulate time to assist the duckling and his bunny companion reach the conclusion. Remember to share these interesting things that the game brings with your friends and invite your friends to join the game so you can have fun moments together. What do you think if you enjoy some kind of game Penguin Ice Breaker at Abcdya free online. I Hope you are always the luckiest player of today!

Key Features:

- Short and fun experience.

- Around 19 levels.

- Beautiful minimal graphics.

- Easy puzzles.

- Two characters with two different abilities.

- You control time, sort of!

Instruction to play:

Move - A, D, Left Arrow, and Right Arrow Jump - W, Z, B, or Up Arrow Fall - S or Down Arrow Switch - X, N, Space, or Enter Reload - R Pause - Escape or P.