Over Rooftops

Collect many rewards in the Over Rooftops journey. Run as fast as you can and don't stop jumping over the roofs. You need to collect tips to join and complete the game Abcdya. Perform jumps in the right position. If you fall into the pits, you only have 2 chances to do this mission again. Therefore, be careful during your journey to move and win the new game world we have today. Share with your friends how to play and complete the missions of this game space. Cross obstacles, collect rewards and win each difficult challenge.

Become a top runner and enjoy the fruits of your online journey today. Many players love the game space that we update in our spare time. Save the game you want to recommend to your friends. We help players unlock the list of online games with playing tips. Complete stunts to update your list of games you want to join and kill some free time. Don't hesitate to be a hero.

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Instruction to play:

Left or right arrow keys to run, up arrow to jump, X to attack labor.