Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Welcome to Noob vs 1000 Freddy's at Abcdya hot games.The purpose of the game is to attempt to survive all the stages and maps in the game!! Each level contains distinct labyrinths with numerous adversaries that will seek for you and will not hesitate to kill you!

There are five maps, five distinct planets, and all of them have FNAF antagonists. Get your arms prepared! Desert Eagle, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper, Nailgun, Minigun, and Heavy Machinegun are loaded and ready for murder. Explore, look for, locate, and then destroy them! Best of Luck!

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Key Features:

Unity 3D game Game of levels and maps to survive Unlock new weapons to boost your ability to survive Enjoy this amusing 3D game.

Instruction to play:

W A S D to walk around, Mouse to Look around, Left Mouse Button to Fire, Right Mouse Button to Aim, Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons, G for Grenades, R to Reload, F to Pickup Items, Left Shift to Run, Left CTRL to Crouch, X to Prone, Space to Jump.