Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fierce naval battle at sea, destroy many enemy warships, upgrade equipment and set a score record.

In you will start from a small ship and consume crates to increase your score (to level up your ship). Avoid the torpedoes! A small number of crates spawn naturally, sinking other ships directly increases your score and spawns more crates. is a multiplayer naval battle game.

Only one player can be the last knives master of this game at More cool io games are available for you such as... Enjoy all of them now!

Instruction to play:

There are four ways to move your ship: Left click and hold outside your ship's inner ring Right click (and optionally hold) outside your ship's inner ring (this is the recommended way to move) Tap and hold (on touch screen) outside your ship's inner ring Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, and 'x' key to stop