Make All Happy

ABCDya games give you a new challenge called Make All Happy. If you're furious, can you still be happy? Toggle the status of a block and its horizontal and vertical neighbors by tapping it. To transfer all blocks in a joyful condition, switch the blocks. Are you able to find the rules in this video game? This is the most important element of the game today, so make sure you nail it.

Each and every one of our players enjoys the new games we release. The game's content will entice you to play and kill time with it. Make it to the end of the game's toughest quest. In this game, there are 120 levels for you to go through. If you can't locate the rules to join the game, ask other participants for help. Every player tries to explore the great gaming space every day at

Tell us how to play the online games that you've found on the internet. You may win this game by using different strategies. The quickest way to transform angry expressions into joyful ones is to use the least amount of movements. Join our new game to make your life more enjoyable and to get rid of all your problems. Enable your buddies to join the game in their leisure time, and to finish the 120 levels in their spare time. Best gaming tip you've ever heard? Win all of the new games that we present, regardless of the subject. Consider adding them to your list of online games and joining if you have time. Your time will be spent investigating different online games after deciding on the optimal approach to play the game. The list of the latest online games is constantly being updated such as Fruit Mahjong. Unlock each journey with the gaming skills you learn.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the places where you want to change the face