Knight 360

Knight 360 is a free online game on Abcdya unblocked for boys. Walk and rotate, monsters! To rid the planet of ghosts and skeletons, you will have to complete several stages. Demonstrate to everyone that you are the unrivaled knight who can vanquish all foes. Combat foes, evade arrows, and finish all levels.

The objective of the game is to eliminate all creatures from each level. While walking, the player does not attack. As soon as he stops moving, he routinely swings his sword about him, destroying adjacent adversaries. You can not only strike the adversary with a sword attack, but also deflect an arrow heading in your way. Share with other players if you find this game interesting. We also update a lot of similar games for players like Egg Wars. You can choose all to play now.

Key Features:

- Interesting control mechanics of the main character

- Lots of exciting levels!

- Insidious enemies whose task is to destroy you

- Cool 3D graphics.

Instruction to play:

PC control - Swipe the mouse across the screen to move.

Control for mobile devices - Swipe on the screen to move.