Kick Colored Balls

Play Kick Colored Balls, the HTML5 platform game on Abcdya games. Kicking colored balls is the objective of this game. Balls will be placed on both sides of the gaming area. The yellow ball will be on the left, while the blue ball will be on the right. The balls will hit if you tap on the left or right side. Only yellow and blue colored balls will move in a line in the centre of the screen. You must destroy the approaching balls with the balls on the side. However, the yellow ball will only destroy the yellow ball, whereas the blue ball will only destroy the blue ball. You will lose if you mix the punches.

Not only does the game have an incredibly fun theme but you can also look forward to a cool design and a guide as the main character. It's the perfect chance to show off your knowledge and expertise in so many different subjects! Challenge yourself with more hard puzzle games like Tricky Tiles and Jelly Island.

Instruction to play:

Tap on screen to play.