Juicy Cubes

Have a great game in Abcdya online! Juicy Cubes is an online game that offers an exciting and engaging puzzle experience. In this match-3 game, players are challenged to match together delicious and tasty fruit to earn points and powerups.

The game's mechanics are straightforward. Players must match three or more blocks of the same fruit to make them disappear and earn points. But the challenge lies in trying to match together as many blocks as possible in one go to earn bonus points and powerups.

Juicy Cubes is a game that requires both logic and strategy. Players must think ahead and plan their moves carefully to complete each level with the least amount of moves possible. The faster they complete the level, the higher their score will be.

The game features colorful and attractive graphics that add to the overall gaming experience. Each level is designed to be unique and challenging, providing players with a new and exciting puzzle to solve.

One of the game's standout features is its in-game powerups. Players can earn powerups by matching together a large number of fruit in one go. These powerups can help players clear the board quickly and earn more points. Hope you have a great gaming time here and in other excellent games such as Candy Match 3 and Hexaquatic Kraken.

Overall, Juicy Cubes is a fun and engaging online puzzle game that will keep players entertained for hours. Its addictive gameplay, colorful graphics, and challenging levels make it a must-play for fans of the match-3 genre.

Instruction to play:

Use MOUSE to play the game.