Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Join Blocks is the best free 2048 classic number puzzle game available today and every day! Escape to the most soothing 2048 number block merging game available! Tap, shoot, and unite x2 blocks up to and including 2048. Play it for free at Abcdya games and enjoy many other online games.

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Key Features:

- Simple and modern design, an easy-to-use interface, and bright number blocks

- All of which combine to make your Join Blocks merging experience a seamless and enjoyable puzzle game experience.

- Addictive and original game play - the task is on you and your logical and mathematical abilities, so are you prepared to conquer the merge number puzzle?

- Additional Tools

- When there are no other merging options, use these to exchange number blocks, revert to your earlier move, or crush the blocked numbers.

- No time limit 

- Take your time while deciding how to strategically fire new number blocks, and make smart merger actions rather than quick ones.

Instruction to play:

Click the number to make the number +1. When the three adjacent numbers are the same, it can be eliminated. Continuous elimination will trigger the combo effect.