Island Puzzle

Gameplay begins by matching symbols from the island's jungle in ABCDya Games. On an isolated island, the courageous pilot and the beautiful cat Tom need your help to live. Discover the island's secrets and use your wits to bring it back to life. Why are you still waiting? Join a completely new narrative as its hero. Build the island of your dreams for free! As a result, players are totally immersed in the jungle. In a single line, connect the symbols as far apart as you can. Leveling up harder after completing tasks will let you acquire new things and serve the island's inhabitants. There are puzzle gamers all around the world that are enthralled by this game. In addition, your score will be better if you link the most nodes in the longest row possible.

When you have discovered the longest path, monitor it and then make a connection decision. Become the top player by visiting now! In this game, anybody may join and compete to finish a mission with the greatest score possible. Unlock levels. Also, other gamers might benefit from your gameplay and winning tips. They may not be able to live on this desolate island if they face the most difficult obstacles. The game rewards you with a plethora of uncommon goods. Enjoy the hottest online games in our game directory. Participants in any virtual environment must make intentional decisions and score points when they have the chance. Win the game's most difficult stages to complete it. We update the puzzle games for players to join and relax in their spare time like Hardest Game Ever.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to connect similar items and score points