Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2 is an action game about zombies games on Abcdya free games. Your objective is to save as many individuals as feasible. A diversity of weapons, challenging levels, and straightforward controls. The world will never be the same: people are fleeing and undead have taken over the planet.

The objective of this first-person shooter is to save people from undead and get them to safety. There are 30 unique levels in the game, separated into three divisions. A variety of armaments, from machine guns to lasers. Complete daily duties and demonstrate your individuality by customizing your scope, weapon, and aircraft. We wish you an exciting journey!!! Share moments with other interesting games like Over Rooftops and Blind Bat. You will be surprised by the skills you use.

Instruction to play:

Simple and intuitive mouse control. Firing a rocket to the "A" key. Your task is to get people to the airfield and take them to safety. Be careful when firing missiles or blowing up barrels, people can be hurt by flying around!