Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie is a hypercasual game play it on Abcdya online games. Break apart the cookie to see the incredibly accurate forecasts hidden within. If you want more cookies, you should play the merging game, accomplish missions, and compete with other players.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar games like Rotating Cube. Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore.

Key Features:

- More than 2,000 fortunes were written on cookies

- There are more than 100 types of cookies

- Jackpot Wheel of Fortune

- Leagues with Competition

- One-on-one fights

Instruction to play:

The game's rules:

1. Spend silver on cookies.

2. Connect biscuits that are the same.

3. You can earn silver with biscuits.

4. Get the best biscuit you can find.