Flying Cubic

Flying Cubic's difficulties should not discourage you. In addition to, many gamers also like this gaming space. With the aid of a moving cube, collect tiny rings. Tap the screen to control the cube's movement. With a single click, you may change the direction of your journey.

Any gamer who sees this will be drawn to our newest gaming location. You must avoid touching the spinning stars. Aside from that, you shouldn't contact any spikes on either the top or bottom of the game. Increasingly, white barriers will arise. Achieve the greatest score by paying attention to the distance traveled in this game!

We now have a wide variety of new games to select from in the gaming industry. There is no limit to where blue dots can appear on your computer screen. After determining the distance, the players can continue forward or reverse directions instantly, depending on their preference. Try to avoid colliding with other vehicles and gather blue dots. The quests you joined today must be completed. With high scores, countless gamers from across the world have been victorious. Consider saving gaming tips and sharing them with your social circle.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse or tap on the screen to adjust your movement direction