Daily Solitaire Blue

Daily Solitaire Blue provides you with a fresh Klondike solitaire game daily. Various tasks and degrees of difficulty are available on different days of the week. Practice makes perfect! Play daily to boost your chances of receiving monthly incentives! Featuring the highly polished graphics for which Softgames Solitaire Games are renowned, Daily Solitaire Blue promises hours of entertainment and mental stimulation! Enjoy this magnificent card game! Visit Abcdya.net for completely free and unblocked games.

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Instruction to play:

The objective of Daily Solitaire Blue is to separate the cards into four distinct piles. Each pile's foundation must begin with an ace, and the pile must be constructed from aces to kings in increasing order. A card, or group of cards, may be transferred to one of the seven columns if the value of the card on top is precisely one point lower and the color is different from the card it is being placed on.