Castle Defense

What's the biggest fortress you've built at Castle Defense? Go through more than 40 map levels with four different themes and a variety of magical skills with great power to slay monsters. Wars are updated via new games of It will keep you playing for hours. Players can choose from a unique playstyle that combines tower placement and army command. Choose from 4 different theme types to progress through the levels of the map such as forest, desert, ice, and fantasy world. With beautiful scenery and vivid images, you can freely fight more than 12 types of monsters and use the best skills. Unlock 5 types of magic skills and create 4 types of defense towers and troops with different options. Your castle is ready for any battle. This free game with a new version has attracted many players. Don't let enemies attack your castle. Build the best line of defense based on the instructions of the game. Attack enemies everywhere and prevent them from reaching the castle. Win the objectives in each level and complete the difficult missions.

ABCya gamess guides players to join the games and some game tips for them to pass them. The bravest commanders chose the best fighting style to defend the fortress. Become a versatile skilled player based on the tips we have suggested. Each new land welcomes the return of victorious heroes. Build your castle and become stronger than ever. This game is really fun. Each different strategy will help you win the game without being bothered by any factors. Join other versions of stronghold defense such as Vector Rush.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the instructions that appear during the game and select them with the left mouse button.