Besties on Wednesday

Have a great fun with this dressup game in free online abcdya games! A juvenile acquaintance attends school to learn wizardry and meet new people. She has her own unique fashion sense. The lady favors dark hues in garments and a gothic appearance. Her companion prefers brightly colored clothing. New friends will struggle to discover a shared vocabulary. However, this vibrant lady is not as easy as it seems at first look. She possesses her own mysteries. Attempt to choose for each pupil a picture that fits her exactly. And eventually, these friends will become Buddies. We are constantly updating the latest games for participating online game players worldwide. You can start exploring similar games with this game like Cat Girl Valentine Story Deep Water. Save your favorite game list and share with friends if you have overcome them.

Instruction to play:

Help two students of the magic school to create their own stylish image and become best friends.