Battles of Seas

Visit Abcdya all games for completely free and unblocked games. Join us on board! Battles Of Seas is a ship arcade shooter video game that is not only entertaining but also very addictive! And there is no charge for it! Construct the greatest ship possible with a variety of different improvements, and then set sail across the ocean!

Collect money and improve your ship and weapons in order to defeat all of your foes. By defeating your opponents, you'll be able to unlock more game components, as well as new tools and ammunition.

We are constantly updating the latest games for players from all over the world. You will be ready for new challenges without being bothered by any factor. This will surely be an interesting game in your favorite game list. Do not miss them. You also have the opportunity to explore other favorite games similar to this game like Noob vs 1000 Freddys.

Have a great game in!

Instruction to play:

PC controls:  Use the mouse left click to aim and shoot

Mobile and Tablet Controls: Touch the screen to aim and release to shoot.