Balls Lover Puzzle

The puzzle game category at just welcomes the latest addition called Balls Lover Puzzle. Get ready to put your brain to the test with 360 challenging and exciting puzzles. Here, you will meet 2 kittens who are separated from each other. Your main target here is to help them reunite. It’s a challenging mission but you’re sure to clear it. To reach that goal, you draw whatever you want such as a line, a curve, or a shape to make two lovely kittens roll toward each other.

It’s quite easy at first but as you level up, you have to pass obstacles, gaps, and more that make it insanely difficult to get the kittens together without one of them falling off the screen. If a kitten falls off the screen, you have to restart that level. Remember that once you leave your hand, the line or shape that you just draw is considered to complete. You can’t fix it but you can draw more lines or shapes. That’s why you should have a plan before taking action. However, some levels give you more than one time to draw.

This Abcdya all game offers you 10 hearts. You spend one heart starting a level. When all the hearts run out, you will have to wait 60 seconds to get 1 heart. A level has several solutions to solve; therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can replay it a bunch of times, of course, if you still have hearts. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to use hints to solve that level. With a complete level, you earn coins and you can use coins to purchase new skins for your kittens. Have fun and enjoy other cool games such as Bubble Shooter Winter Pack and Draw and Save Stickman.

Instruction to play:

Draw the lines, bump the balls of cat, let two cats meet !