Balance Stack

In the game Balance Stack at ABCDya online games, keep track of the amount of shapes you need to arrange. The player must match the forms one at a time without causing them to collapse. At each level, the amount of forms will vary. After all of the forms have been piled, a short-timer will begin to ensure that the stacking arrangement is steady. The heart-stopping times in this game make you fall in love with it. If one of the shapes is destroyed, the game ends and the player must restart the level. The emergence of various forms such as cylindrical, spheres, squares, rectangles... requires you to arrange them in the most acceptable planes. Don't allow one of them get away.

Countless gamers all around the world have adored and wished to master this game in their leisure time. Circles must be set at specific distances. As a result, you must place them during gaming. Share movement recommendations based on the appearance of each form at the bottom of the screen. Each game will benefit from game advice. You'll find the ideal technique to play with straight, sloped, or interrupted planes. Take the opportunity to gain experience in the following stages of the trip you've chosen for today.

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Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to place different shapes in the positions you want.