Angry Guys

Welcome to the Angry Guys game at Abcdya free online. Engage your adversaries, detonate, and destroy anything in your way! There is a substantial slingshot in your collection. It is so enormous that you will be dwarfed by it. Your objective is to use a slingshot to throw Bad People at your opponents, break their walls and blockades, and blow everyone up. Get ready to take on the challenge that this game has sent to you and explore the world of other similar games in your spare time that you can hardly ignore like Idle island. Each game has its way of joining and decoding.

Key Features:

+ Cool 3D graphics + An analogue of the famous Angry Birds game + Convenient management + Spectacular destruction system.

Instruction to play:

On PC: Left mouse button to launch guys with a slingshot.

On a Mobile device: Swipe across the screen.